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The Amount Of Drugs And Narcotics Habitue In Indonesia

Drugs and Narcotics, Marijuana, cocaine, morphine, opium, hashishTask Force Coordinator of the NATIONAL NARCOTICS BOARD REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA / Badan Narkotika Nasional (BNN) H. Dahlan Thamrin in Jakarta, Thursday (7 / 5) said that, 51 thousand people with a dependence of drugs die in Indonesia every year. "This amount is very apprehensive. If there is averaged 41 habitue died per day, and almost two people die per hour," .

Still According to Mr. Dahlan Thamrin, most of these victims of those drugs misuse died not in the location of therapy or rehabilitation facilities. They were found dead in the street or in the entertainment location. "Generally, they died because of diseases complications, such as hepatitis, tuberculosis or HIV / AIDS," he said.

Meanwhile, the dominant type of drugs used by habitue, is the type of heroin. While the cause of there are so many victims of drug abuse is, because the stigma that make victims fears to go to treatment facilities.

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