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HIV/AIDS Campaign In Indonesia Still Not Effective

People with HIV/AIDS, ODHAThe lack of knowledge of community related on infection and prevention of Human Immuno Deficiency Virus (HIV) Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), making Indonesia as the fastest country in the spread of HIV / AIDS in Asia.

Yudhi F Oktaviadhi, author of 'Syair Untuk Sahabat' To say that in the event of book launching and review 'Syair Untuk Sahabat" and AIDS campaign in Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing (STBA) Yapari ABA.

It is said, information on posters and a public service ads about HIV, are still not effective enough to provide knowledge to the community. Many of them has wrong perceptions about messages shown in posters and public service ads about AIDS, especially adolescents.

Recognizing the lack of information about AIDS can be obtained, Yudhi who is also a journalist, try to participate by writing books 'Syair Untuk Sahabat', which contains real stories about People Living With HIV / AIDS (Orang Dengan HIV/AIDS (ODHA)) collected since 2003.

There are many books about AIDS, but not easily understood. Because this book using the form of stories and with different approaches, this book is so much easier to understand. Yudhi said, people can be expected to understand what AIDS is, so it does not err in responding AIDS, at least for themselves and people around.

Things that must be avoided is the virus, not the person, not a problem if only shake or brush because nearly 90% of people with AIDS / ODHA removed and isolated by their own families and not received at the General Hospital.

ODHA also needed not only drugs to delay death, but also the attention and support from family and nearest relatives. Excision will only make death faster to come because ODHA feel depressed, abandoned, and not received by the community.

HIV/AIDS same sex relationshipYudhi Told, mortality because of HIV/AIDS, generally due to delayed diagnosis because of the Indonesian people do not realize that the AIDS virus can be spread on to anyone although they were not made a sexual relationship, consuming drugs and alcohol.

However, if they were consumed prohibited drugs together, they will have a greater risk. People consuming drugs together, moreover with an injection, within three or four years later, 99 percent more easily AIDS infected.

Still according to Yudhi, sexual relations with fellow men, are at risk of AIDS, because the wound can cause blood to become the media to make it easier to spread. Same sex relationships is the main causes of HIV AIDS in the United States.

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