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Swine Flu Pandemic Alert Level Raised By WHO

H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic Alert Level Phase 3 to Phase 4 By WHOWorld Health Organization (WHO) mentioned that the swine flu category has been entering 'very worrying' phase. Dr Margaret Chan, Director General of WHO , on 27 April 2009 is recommending, from advices of the Committee, that all countries have to intensify surveillance for possibilities of the unusual outbreaks of influenza-like illness and severe pneumonia. And moreover, the Director General of WHO has raised the level of influenza pandemic alert level, from the current phase 3 to phase 4. This change to a higher phase of pandemic alert indicates that there are possibilities that the pandemic has increased, but this not mean that a swine flu pandemic is inevitable.

World health Organization meeting also requests all countries that have been infected by this disease to immediately overcome the problems. U.S also very concerned if the swine flu can be an endemic diseases.

The researchers are currently trying to overcome the spread of swine flu and also learning about how the virus can spread from human to human.

Given the widespread presence of the virus, the Director-General considered that containment of the outbreak is not feasible. The current focus should be on mitigation measures.

The Director-General recommending to all countries not to close borders and not to restrict international travel. It was considered prudent for people who are ill to delay international travel and for people developing symptoms following international travel to seek medical attention.

The Director-General considered that production of seasonal influenza vaccine should continue at this time, subject to re-evaluation as the situation evolves. WHO will facilitate the process needed to develop a vaccine effective against A/H1N1 virus.

The Director-General stressed that all measures should conform with the purpose and scope of the International Health Regulations.

In several days the disease has spread to the United States, Canada, Spain and Israel. Even last report mentioned that this virus has come to New Zealand, after 10 New Zealand students experienced symptoms of flue after returning from Mexico.

We all hope that the spread of Swine Flu viruses will not be up to Indonesia.

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