Phyto Stem Cell Helps To Prevent Premature Aging Process

Phyto Stem Cell And Aging Process
There are so many ways to prevent premature aging process of our face. One of them is with Phyto Stem Cell. Doctor Indah Julianto SpKK, skin surgery consultant, says that Phyto Stem Cell can work as anti-aging on the human skin.

Phyto Stem Cell protecting, re-activate skin cells that has been damaged by the bad effects of the skin aging process, sun exposure and UV rays, and other external factors. That says a doctor who also served as Section Head of Skin and Sex in the University of Sebelas Maret (UNS) Solo, Indonesia.

"Phyto Stem Cell also working to maintain the skin cells in order not to damage so that they can extend the age of skin cells, and maintain the activities to remain in a normal condition without any damage to DNA in the skin," she said when became the keynote speaker in the event of "21st Multicare Convention 2009" with theme of Transformation for Better Future.

Doctor Indah also explained that during the life, the body still does need Phyto Stem Cell with its nature of "totipotent" (capable of developing into a complete organism or differentiating into any of its cells or tissues; also gen), ie can regenerates become all cell types and is rich in epigenetic factors.

In presentation, dr Indah show results of the use of "Phyto Stem Cell Series" products from Multicare that tried to some patients during the 28 days.

The result shows that all the bad effects that occur due to the influence of the process of skin aging and external factors, namely UV rays, environmental, and lifestyle that causes the skin to become rough, dull, and dry.

In addition, the appearance of black stains and wrinkling on the skin can be reduced significantly. Then on a routine usage, the skin can appear more smooth and youthful again.

Deni Aprilwati S.Si, Apt as Head of R & D for beauty products of Multicare, said that development mechanism of Phyto Stem Cell Series at Multicare and its active materials, such as Phyto Cell Tec Malus Domestica, is the first and the only one in Indonesia.

This material came from a unique and rare apple culture parent cell from Switzerland, processed through current advanced technology that has been patented, and has obtained an award as the best material on "Best Active Ingredients" in the event of Innovation Award 2008 from The European Cosmetic.

Meanwhile, Lula Kamal MD (doctor / artist) who was also presented as a guest star, share the experiences about the extraordinary benefits of Phyto Stem Cell product. After 28 days of using Phyto Stem Cell, Lula feel that her skin and face became smoother, moisture, and wrinkles in her face became thinner.

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Phyto Stem Cell Helps To Prevent Aging Phyto Stem Cell protecting, re-activate skin cells that has been damaged by the bad effects of the skin aging process, sun exposure and UV rays, and other external factors.
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