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Introduction: Tips To Prevent Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Behaviour Health for Healthy Sex EducationSexual function, according to expert of sexology Prof Dr dr Wimpie Pangkahila, Sp.And, FAACS from the Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University Denpasar Bali, influenced by physical and psychological factors. If these two factors are excellent, sexual function will also be good.

The definition of physical factors associated with healths and the absence of diseases, healthy patterns of living, or treatments of acquired to support the functions of our organs. Meanwhile, psychological factors such as depression and stress, saturation, and the atmosphere with a personal relationship pairings.

There are 6 types of sexual deviation and/or sexual dysfunction:

Sexual desire disorder:

* Hypoactive sexual desire
* Sexual aversion disorder
* Hyperactive sexual desire

Sexual arousal disorder:

* Erectile disorder (impotence)
* Frigidity, lack of vaginal lubrication

Orgasm disorder:

* Premature, delayed or lack of ejaculation (men)
* Anorgasmia (orgasmic dysfunction) (women)

Sexual pain disorder:

* Vaginismus (women)
* Dispareunia (men and women)

Unspecified Sexual Dysfunction:

* Orgasmic anhedonia
* Mastubatory pain
* Autoerotic asphyxiation


* Postcoital dysphoria
* Nymphomania

Now, any sexual dysfunction that often occurs?

In women:

Sexual dysfunction in woman can start very early in a woman’s life, or also may develop later in some woman who previously enjoyed their sex lifa without any difficulties. The causes of sexual dysfunction can be physical, psychological or a combination of the two. Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) consists of four main categories, and many women can experience problems in more than one category at a time. These are: Sexual desire disorders, Sexual arousal disorders, Orgasm disorders, Sexual pain disorders

- Sexual desire disorder, such as Hypoactive sexual desire and Sexual aversion disorder.

- Frigidity, lack of vaginal lubrication even if already in a state of stimulated and simply inflame.

- Can not or difficult to reach the orgasm when have a sexual activities.

- Pain or uncomfortable in the genitals and surrounding areas every time make a sexual relation.

In Men:

- Sexual desire disorder, due to physical or psychological diseases.

- Erectile disorder (impotence), such as because carrying diabetes melitus diseases .

- Ejaculation disorder, Premature or even delayed ejaculation and lack of ejaculation.

- Orgasm disorder, for them that can not reach orgasm.

How can I know if I have a problem?

More than 70% of couples have problems with sex at some time in their relationship. Most women will have sex that doesn't feel good at some point in her life. This doesn't necessarily mean you have a sexual problem.

If you don't want to have sex or it never feels good, you might have a sexual problem. Discuss your concerns with your doctor. Remember that anything you tell your doctor is private and that your doctor can help you find a reason and possible treatment for your sexual dysfunction.

Tips to prevent sexual dysfunction offered by Prof Dr dr Wimpie Pangkahila, Sp.And:

1. Always remember that the sexual life belong together and built with our mate.

2. Behave and talk openly to our mate.

3.Keep the health of our body and soul.

4. Avoid unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking cigarette, stress anxiety and depression, lack of rest and sleep, unhealthy eating pattern which does not regular, and does not exercise.

5. Do not be tempted to use a drugs / herbs that not clear the content and indications.

6. Keep a balance of rushing and relaxation.

7. Always try to have special time with our mate.

8. Do not only do sexual things as a routine but also as a recreational.

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