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How to Overcome Insomnia, Sleeping Problems and Sleep Disorders Without Sleeping Pills

Insomnia, Sleeping Problems and Sleep DisordersDifficulties to get a quality sleep or insomnia not only experienced by one or two people. If you're one of them, do not despair and make a selection directly on sleeping pills. You can overcome this sleeping problem with changing of bad sleep habits and cleanse your mind through meditation.

By applying these two traditional treatment methods, you can exempt yourselves from the sleeping pills that basically also can not address your concerns to the root of the problems.

Based on the results of 2 new studies, Cognitive behavioral therapy to change the attitude and whimsy of people about sleep and use meditation to create relaxation can help people with insomnia to have a better night sleep without the need to use drugs.

Contrary to the public confidence, researchers found that insomnia not only attack at night, but will also affect for 24 hours. Therefore, by learn how to relaxing and purify one's mind in the daytime, they are expected to be able to sleep more soundly at night.

"The study shows that teach relaxation techniques throughout the day can improve the quality of sleep in the night," says Ramadevi Gourineni, director of the insomnia program from Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Overcome Insomnia With Meditation

Studies conducted by Gouverni search for benefits of meditation as an insomnia treatment in 11 insomnia patients. Participants are divided into 2 groups. One group trained skill to do kriya yoga, which is meditation used to focus internally. And the rest of them only receive general health education course.

Results of the study 2 months later shows, the groups do meditation to repair both the quantity and quality of sleep. This is based on diari they made. They also claim to need a little time to be asleep, and experienced fewer symptoms of depression. From these results, the researchers concluded, meditation is an alternative treatment that is effective overcoming insomnia.

Yoga And Meditation
Alleviate insomnia with Cognitive-behavioral Therapy

Second study to see the effect of Cognitive-behavioral Therapy (CBT-I) program designed to treat insomnia in 115 insomnia patients. This program includes the evaluation of patients' habits, behavior, and patient's knowledge about sleeps.

During the session, patients learn how to create a sleep schedule, creating a comfortable environment for sleep, reducing stimulus that can disrupt sleep, do relaxation training, and mind control exercises.

"CBT-I teach strategies to "rearranges" human body system to manages sleep," said Ryan Wetzler, PsyD, from the Sleep Medicine Specialists in Louisville, one of the researchers. "Because this system also plays an important role in managing the mood, feeling pain, and other body processes, the skills learned through CBT-I is also positively useful in the mood, fear, pain, anxiety, and other psychological conditions. "

Results of this study shows that 50-60% of patients usually experience symptoms such as difficulty falling asleep, waking up, or both, admitted that they had improvements.

Those who complete the 5 times or more therapy also experienced improvement in sizes of which indicates the quality of sleep and requires fewer drugs to overcome their insomnia.

What about you? these two scientific proofs of course can encourage you to overcomes insomnia without the need to rely on chemical medicines.

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