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Swine Flu Anticipation In Indonesia Not Maximum

Swine Flu AnticipationUntil Wednesday (15 / 7), more than one hundred Indonesians expressed positive being infected of swine flu H1N1 virus. However, efforts to control the spread of swine flu by the Ministry of Health, particularly in international airports have not seen maximum. In Minangkabau International Airport, for example, Tools to detect body temperature or thermal scanner also has not been installed. Liability to use a mask does not followed yet.

In Medan, North Sumatra, Central Quarantine of Polonia Airport distributing free masks to every person in the airport. Every passengers came from overseas still required to go through the door of spraying body disinfectan. The passenger's body temperature reached 38 degrees Celsius must undergo an examination by medical teams who are standby at the airport.

According to WHO data, already 90 thousand cases of swine flu was reported in the world. As much as 429 of them died. WHO even has raised the pandemic alert level to phase six, the highest status of the pandemic of swine flu. However, in Indonesia, a vaccine for this disease will be available at the end of the year.

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