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Hasan Sadikin Hospital: Another Suspected Swine Flu A-H1N1 Patient Dies In Bandung

Swine Flu Suspect Patients
Patient U (21), who suspected was suffered an Influenza A-H1N1, has died at Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS), Bandung, on Tuesday (18 / 8) night. The cause of his death is an inflammation of the lungs are aggravated by severe influenza A-H1N1 virus. The patient death cases suspected by influenza A-H1N1 in RSHS is the second incident.

"Samples of blood, lear of nose, and throat have sent to the Center of Research and Development Department of Health. However, we have not got the final results , "said Hasan Sadikin Hospital's Vice Chairman of the Special Infection Treatment Team, Primal Sudjana in Bandung on Wednesday.

He said, U were referred from the health center of Gunung Halu, West Bandung regency, with the condition suffer from inflammation of the lungs and immediately set as suspected influenza A-H1N1 on Tuesday at 11:45.

Based on information from relatives of victims, U had no contact with dead birds, pigs or another animals that could be spreading the virus. He previously was suffering from pneumonia. The last few days, several friends of the victims have suffered a mild flu.

When first arrived in RSHS, U's health condition is very bad. He suffered a bad cold, shortness of breath, and respiratory problems that must be installed ventilators and stabilizing blood pressure. However, it was not much help so U finally died on Tuesday at 20:45.

Previously, a patient suspected being infected of Swine Flu A-H1N1 Virus, with an initial S also died in RSHS last Monday. Until now the cause of the death is unknown. Provisional estimates, S died from pneumonia.

On the condition of the patient's suspected Swine Flu A-H1N1 with initial M (21) who treated the last 8 days, RSHS plan to return him. The reason, his health conditions has improved and the Symptoms Of Swine Flu A-H1N1 has disappeared. "Actually, his health condition has improved since yesterday and the plan he will be immediately returned.

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