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How To Make Your Own Body Scrubs At Home: Oranges Scrub Recipe

Body Scrubs, though still new, including in the western world, actually has became a tradition in the middle east countries for centuries. Body scrubs are one of the great ways to keep your skin smooth, healthy and beautiful through exfoliation. Use a body scrub when you feel the need to conduct in-depth cleansing for the blood circulation.

Nowadays, you can buy body scrub products from anywhere for around $5 - $50 to give yourself a body scrub at home. You also can get a body scrub treatment at a spa with a lot of additional treatment provided. But if you want to have a green and original body scrubs, you can make your own body scrubs at home, with costs relatively not too expensive.

Whatever way you choose, body scrubs mostly have these three ingredients:

>> An exfoliant. This is the abrasive material like sugar, salt, rice bran, jojoba beads, apricot kernels, coffee grounds, etc. those natural materials rubs away the dead cells on the surface of your skin, and then revealing the softer and younger cells just below.

>> Oil. This holds the mixture together so you can apply it to your skin. More expensive body scrubs like Origins Salt Rub usually have more expensive oils like macadamia oil, kukui nut oil and sweet almond oil.

>> Fragrance. Ideally, the fragrance comes from high-quality essential oils, like the spearmint and rosemary in the Origins Salt Rub. Budget body scrubs like St. Ives will have synthetic fragrances and more synthetic ingredients in general.

Now after you know what are inside body scrubs, and chosee to have an inexpensive, high-quality body scrub, it's easy to make your own. Here's an Oranges Scrub recipe and how to give yourself a body scrub at home. Once a week is fine.

Oranges Scrub Recipe

Oranges Scrub

Oranges and citrus fruit Scrubs has a fresh aroma and a slightly rough texture that can help rid the dead skin cells and stimulates blood supply. Your skin will become more fresh, smooth and healthy.

Recipe below can be used for five time of treatments:

1. 45 ml sunflower seeds that have been refined
2. 45 ml medium oats porridge
3. 45 ml coarse sea salt
4. 45 ml grated orange peel
5. 15 ml grated lemon rind
6. 3 drops of grape fruit essential oil
7. almond oil

Mix all ingredients thoroughly and store in sealed glass vessels. When ready for the treatments, take 1 / 5 part of the scrubs. After that, in a shallow bowl, mix the material with almond oil until it becomes a kind of pasta. Open all the clothes and stand in the bath up. Oleskan scrub tadi di seluruh tubuh sambil dipijat dengan lembut. Apply this scrub on your entire body while gently massaged.

Pay special attention to areas of dry and hard skin like elbows, knees and heels. Clean the remains of scrub before bathing or flushing your body. Finally, never use a body scrub on part of your face, where the face skin is thinner and more delicate. Body scrubs are designed for the tougher skin on your body.

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