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Mosquito Vectors Of Infectious Diseases Still Major Public Health Threat

Mosquito Vectors Of Infectious Diseases
Infectious diseases with mosquitos as its vector is still a heavy burden for most tropical countries, including Indonesia. "Genesis of infectious diseases through mosquito vectors are still high," said Head of the Health Research and Development, Department of Health, Agus Purwadianto.

Infectious diseases through mosquito bites such as dengue hemorrhagic fever, malaria, filariasis, and Chikungunya are still endemic in many parts of Indonesia and claimed thousands of lives every year. In addition, he continued, some types of mosquitoes have been resistant to insecticides and several types of viruses and disease-causing germs resistant to treatment.

The government, he said, already has a strategy for controlling the transmission of these diseases and update them based on current scientific evidence. "We are also trying to develop vaccines and drugs to cope with the disease," he said.

However, he asserted, promotion and prevention efforts remain a high priority in disease control. "Because it is the key to the success of easiest and cheapest disease control," he said. As part of the health institutions, he continued, they will contribute more in efforts to prevent disease by empowering the community.

"Researchers are not only working inside the wall, but also jump in and interact with the community to convey their findings to the public to know what to do to avoid diseases," said Agus Purwadianto.

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