Smart Parenting: Teach Kids About Planting And Gardening For A Smarter Generation

Smart Parenting: Kids Gardening And Planting
Teaching your children at their early stage to plant, gardening and care for plants can educate the children and will have an impact on the progress of their intelligence capabilities. Teach children to plant and care for the plants will encourage children's spirit to develop their emotional intelligence. It was revealed by Psychologist from University of Medan Area (UMA), Irna Minauli, MPsi in Medan, North Sumatra.

By planting flowers or other plant species, children can learn how to love, cherish and care about others. When planting flowers, children are trained to be patient when caring for these flowers to flourish and not die.

In addition, she said, children are also trained to keep attention tended flower development, simultaneous efforts to build a child's emotional intelligence. Intelligence can also be developed by caring pets that the children preferred.

The results of the planting process may have an impact on the child's social relationships with their surrounding community. So that children can establish good relationships with others. In fact, children will be able to adapt and understand each other, love and care for his friends.

The good quality emotional intelligence (emotional quotient) of children, will have a major impact on intelectual intelligence (intelligence quotient) of the children. However, parents should continue to guide the education of children so that their intelligence will be continuously honed. "Evidently, many people who succeeded because they have emotional intelligence," he said.

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