Technology and Healthcare: California Hospital Uses 100 Apple iPad

Apple iPad for doctors and nurses
"The Apple iPads will be distributed to home health care and hospice workers, doctors, nurses, dietitians and pharmacists."

Apple iPad has many benefits that can be used for a variety of needs. Because Apple iPad basically designed to meet the needs of all people for information technology. This article will show you one of the greatness of the Apple iPad.

The use of this Apple's Tablet PC is believed may help doctors, nurses in hospitals and healthcare centers to control the condition of the patients. A hospital in California even plans to distribute more than 100 units of iPad to its medics. The goal is, when the medics want to search for health information of patients, the doctors and nurses need to examine their condition, they can goes into the file and the prescription directly along with your Coordination of Care Record.

Of course there are specialized applications that help medics to do this job. One of the program called Destination Bedside that can show the results of X-rays, charts, and a doctor's prescription.

Director of Technical Services Kaweah Health Care District in Visalia, California, Nick Volosin said that 100 units iPad purchased by the hospital will be distributed to nurses, nutritionists, and pharmacists. This was decided after testing the use of three units of iPad that seemed to be considered successful.

A pretty impressive battery life for the iPad - up to 10 hours of use on a full charge is also expected to enhance the work of the medics. Until now there are 20 doctors at the hospital which already has iPad. An Internist (specialist in internal medicine) says that iPad makes work more effective and easier to improve patient safety.

Many hospitals in the U.S. who started using iPad since it was first released. Some medical workers believe that iPad tablet Personal Computer can help doctors and nurses spend more time with patients, as quoted from Apple Insider.

Source: Use and Benefits of iPad for Doctors Nurses and Medical Staff

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