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HIV / AIDS Cases In West Java

HIV/AIDS Cases Menteri Kesehatan RIAccording to the data of Indonesia's Health Ministry on 31 December 2008, number of HIV/AIDS cases in West Java occupy the highest position than another cities in Indonesia, with 2888 number of HIV/AIDS cases, while the second position is DKI Jakarta with the number of 2781 cases, then successively East Java in 2591 cases and Papua in 2382 cases.

In west Java, cases of AIDS were dominated by a users of syringe drug addict, while the rest derived from the sexual behaviour among heterosexual, homosexual or the babies that got infected from their mothers.

Data issued by the Ministry of Health shows until September the number of people with AIDS as much as 2300 people, means that 500 cases of AIDS found during the period October to December 2008.


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