Children's Siesta And Its Relationship With Behavioral Disturbances, Depression, Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder, And Anxiety

Siesta In Children In relation With behavioral disturbances such as depression, attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder anxietyChildren's Siesta was not only beneficial to the fitness course. Research shows that children with rarely siesta tend to run problems in their psychosocial function. This was the conclusion of researchers represented in the SLEEP 2009, annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies that take place in Seattle, U.S, this month.

Psychosocial be defined as related to psychiatric and social. Psychosis, of course, comes from within, while the social aspect comes from the outside. Both aspects of this very influential in the growth of children.

In research, experts from Pennsylvania State University examine the impact of the siesta in the 62 children, where 23 percent of those rarely siesta.

In general, the sleeping times of those two groups in 24 hours is not much different, but the test of behavior shows that children rarely siesta the more experienced behavioral disturbances such as depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and anxiety.

"Results from this study is the relationship between two things. We can not make conclusions as a result of causality. So can not be said that children who hyperactive and difficult to set is because they do not siesta. Further research is still needed," one of the researchers Dr.Brian Crosby said.

Still, Crosby said that the siesta is very important in children who are in a period of growth. Unfortunately, most children over 4 years beginning rarely siesta.

Lack of time to sleep on the day of children was due to various things, such as the number of children's after school activities, or even because parents are prohibited it, because many children who do siesta is difficult to sleep at night.

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