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Acne And Blackhead (Comedo) Problem And The Best Home Treatment

Acne And Comedo / Blackhead
Acne and Blackheads (Comedo), sometime could be a big problem for some people, mostly for a women who are dreaming to have a bright, clean and shiny face. The acne problem even could be worst in some mistreated cases. It's a hard job to find which treatments are suitable for us to use.

The main query here is which treatments will work the best to cure acne and blackheads? Here are a number of the techniques and measures to cure blackheads with ease:


You should naturally decrease the oil production, initiate appropriate moisture for your skin and reduce acne. Drink tons of water and keep away from greasy food. Moreover, incorporate tons of juicy vegetables and fruits in your eating regimen. Cooked carbohydrates and fats are a big no no and utilize uncooked fats such as olive oil in your recipes as a natural blackhead treatment.

Retinoid creams:

A good way to remove blackheads and keeping your skin clear is to use a retinoid lotion such as Retin-A. This product gets the skin cells to operate normally, helping to lower the production of sebum and cleanse your pores. The only problem is that this blackhead treatment is a lengthy process.

Exfoliating products and treatments:

To get rid of dead skin cells, an exfoliating product such as diluted benzoyl peroxide can be used. It is very helpful in getting rid of the worst blackheads, without harming the skin. Another blackhead remover is microdermabrasion.

Gentle pushing:

The gunk collected in a blackhead can also be lightly squeezed out. This can actually benefit your skin, so it a good blackhead treatment. Yes, if you squeeze too hard, it can bruise and scar the skin, so always be gentle in your approach. Also never try to over-squeeze any stubborn blackhead.

Chemical Peels:

Another way to rapidly clear your skin from dead cells, is to use chemical peels containing glycolic acid or even some skin care products with salicylic acid. But if you have already used a retinoid cream, this could be a risky blackhead cure to try.

Face and nose strips:

What also helps is to use pore strips, which can either be placed over your face or nose for about 10 minutes. Once placed, they are then quickly pulled off to get rid of blackheads near the surface. This is not a long-term solution to cure blackheads, but the strips work quickly and are simple to use - as long as you use them properly.

Metallic Extractor:

A modern blackhead treatment is the metallic extractor. This device has a small, rounded end, that is placed over the blackhead to plug it out. This method should done carefully to avoid scarring.


This tip is for all the ladies out there who use a lot of makeup. Always use products that keep your pores clear, such as non-comedogenic makeup. Some more tips for you - after sweating and before bed, it is best to completely remove your makeup with a good cleanser. And every so often clean your sponges and brushes, so that blackhead remover is never needed.

Absolutely these measures will assist you to take away your blackheads, but you have to follow a reliable skin care plan as long-term blackhead treatment.

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Acne And Comedo Home Treatment The main query here is which treatments will work the best to cure acne and blackheads? Here are number of the techniques and measures to cure blackheads with ease:
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